Common Grace and Intentions

I like common Grace and am alive because of it. Maybe the reason men do not have to go look for Jesus when they want to talk is he is present within common Grace. When I came to my fork in the road, concerning what to do with the Christian experience, I decided I wanted Christianity so did not have to look further than my mouth to find Jesus present. The Holy Spirits general work within common grace involves convicting men of the sin of rejecting Jesus. This is active where ever men are found. It was active in my life and I ran from it. When my intentions involved finding Christ, He was already present in the cosmos. I didn’t have to go look for Him.

Although fallen angles have wreaked havoc, sowed lies against Gods character the Holy Spirit’s number one defense against the biggest lie, that God is withholding information from us, involves men becoming free from sin in Christ and now having access to the wisdom of a Father. Right standing with God happens through Christ. Men like sin so there is always philosophy to help you mentally. If you want an experience then you have to come with nothing to receive everything. You can’t earn what is freely given.

Jesus reveals God’s character and the Holy Spirit validates it. What makes this profound is the Holy Spirit is on Jesus to heal the broken trampled underfoot heart. Understanding that all have someones footprints on their heart changed my perspective on how I view the world and the people I encounter daily. Many have had some trampling done to their heart over and over yet the Holy Spirit is already speaking to them about what to do with Jesus, how to come to Him and benefits of following. Jesus came to heal the broken.

I think the Holy Spirit is still moving on the face of the earth, as recorded in Genesis,waiting on creative words, spoken with intention, to be spoken.

The words of intention I spoke were, : Lord i am sorry for running from you for so long, I want you in my life.” Instantly He was present.

Why call God Father?


Why call God Father?

Hey somebody has to be in charge. Is it the man upstairs?

Science has big claims and wants to be in charge. There are economic, evolutionary and psychological theories that include and exclude God.

Regardless of the side of the fence one is on there is observable science of cause and effect. Simply put, if you plant grape seeds you will reap bunches of grapes. So why call God Father?

By combining Einstein’s theories and time dilation they can prove six days of creation. We don’t hear about these calculations because that would prove the Bible.

If the Bible was true and there were six days of creation then someone owns this creation. Another thing, there might be some rules for living here. There are ten of them that set the standard for moral behavior.

When God introduced Himself to Moses as the law giver He said, “I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt.”

He didn’t explain how time stretched at the end of the galaxy can be measured in billions of years yet calculated in seconds where we live.  He didn’t even defend creation.

He said I brought you out of slavery. Egypt in the Bible is a type of slavery.

God in the first commandment says how He feels about people living in bondage so He brought his people out of it.  He then gave nine other precepts on how to live free.

If you are in the process of breaking any of the Commandments you, not the devil, not the law, conservatives, liberals, your mother or father, are in the process of bring emotional bondage on you. Your choices are keeping you in Egypt.

All Ten Commandments can be found in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5 and should be read and thought about. They were written in stone for a reason.

This is why we call God Father. He is the highest moral authority, He owns the ground we walk on and gives us the choice to break or keep His commandments.

When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray the first thing he said was, “pray like this,” “Our Father.”

Jesus did not say our master as it is important to approach God as His child and not as a slave.

The first commandment says He is God and He brought us out of slavery. Jesus said to call Him Father.

Keeping the Ten Commandments is the best moral code to live by. You can call God whatever you want and even break His commandments. I don’t suggest you do evil in His name or use his name vainly. Some people do that and it goes against the third commandment.

A good picture of God is seen in the story of the prodigal son as written in Luke 15. The son wasted his inheritance and was living with pigs when he came to himself. He said, “I will go to my father’s house and beg to be a slave so I can eat. The father looked and prayed daily for his son’s return.

When the son did return the father would not listen about him being a servant because the prodigal was his son,

made in his image.

Yes, he lost his way and yes, when he came back, God embraced him and loved him completely.

To sum up, even if you lost your way, God still wants us to call Him Father.

I love Muslims but fear Islam.

A Muslim neighbor can be a good thing as they are honest and God fearing.

There are Muslim neighbors near a family tree farm.  They are nice people and take care of their critters. I trust them and feel safe because of the Muslim neighbors. I know what to expect from them as American Muslims.

We are courteous to each other but that has nothing to do with the political, religious, economics agenda of Islam.

These farmers have an agenda, raise sheep and sell for a profit.

Islam also has an agenda.

Let me enlighten you because Islamophobia appears to be a propaganda word that includes ISIS yet takes in peaceful Muslims.Islam is something we should be afraid of.

Muslim, goodhearted neighbors, trying to make a living and enjoy the American Dream, friend types, no. We should have them over for dinner and understand each other.

Islam on the other hand will not come over for dinner unless you bow to Allah. It is a system of force and the only way people will submit to it is by force.

Let me clarify something. The Christian Church has records of it using force as well. They thought it was right to use force to spread the Roman Catholic religion. This is something from the past. It is not in use today as the freedom and power of choice is recognized as God given. We are in the age of Grace, not the dark ages.

Several things about Islam you should be aware of.

Warning: not politically correct.

If I have a rational fear it is best to prepare for the worst. Thanks Murphy! I’m a Redneck Chaplain. No Problem.


We are not associating rational fear with Islam because the politically correct crowd lumps the good Muslims in with radical Terrorist Muslims who are promoting the agenda of Global Islam.  An irrational fear is what is associated with a phobia. Anyone who speaks out against radical Muslims is accused of bigotry against peaceful Muslims.This suppression defies logic.

Your Chaplain has done some research for you…

Let me ask. Did the Jews in Germany have fear of being carted away after they saw their neighbors disappear?  You know they did but they stayed and Christians did nothing to stop the dehumanized collections. That is real fear, not irrational.

If the early Koran says I am going to hell because I am a Kafir, infidel, there is nothing to fear.

If a new version of the Koran says the Kafirs who are going to hell anyway, need to be killed in Jihad and we have records of that happening, we have a ligament fear. If the Koran says Kafirs can be beheaded and I am one, and I see pictures of this happening around the world, it is a ligament fear of losing my Christian, Jewish head. Is this a fear of Islam of fear of losing my head?

Islamophobia is an irrational fear of peaceful Muslims among us but it is rational to fear Islam because there are real time images of people going topless.

They can also crucify Christians and Jews. This is happening so should I have a phobia, an irrational fear? Or should I face the facts?

I don’t want anyone to lose their head over their beliefs. I love peaceful Muslim people but Islam is violent and it is logical to fear losing one’s head or having a neck slit or being burned for the faith.

Therefor I oppose violent Islam and love Muslims. I oppose violent Christianity as well and love Christians who think the kingdom is established by violence.Anyone committed to force is misguided.


Willingly is the key word as no one forces anyone to accept Christ.

When the Gospel is heard, involving Jesus being a sacrifice for man’s sin and God not holding anything against man, the choice can be made to accept it or reject it. No force is involved.The experience of love will follow the acceptance, not hate.

There are good Muslims who worship the God of Abraham. They are among us and need to feel like they are not feared but loved.These good Muslims produce goodness, kindness and love.

By their fruit you will know them.

Whats for dinner?

Past trauma, Present Stress.9.11


Past trauma and present stress.          Is this a new disorder?

Do we need medication and therapy in order to function? Do we need to continue to self-medicate?

If I said Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.) you would immediately think this is something the military deals with.

I didn’t.

I said past trauma and current life stress or events. Present stress. Where does it come from? To him who has more will be given so I am going to say it comes from you yet you can choose life instead of stress.

The military does deal with P.T.S.D. and we think it is like a veteran being out in public, a motorcycle backfires so they immediately jump and look for cover. I know some veterans who will jump if you clap your hands. This stuff is real.

There is another thing that is real in America. Everyone has some form of past trauma affecting their life.

Colonel Peterson Md. took it a step further and said, “Everyone in American had P.T.S.D. as a result of the attack on our country.”

The trauma may be felt in the form on numbness, helplessness, fear, shame, guilt, grief, loss, abandonment, confusion and a gamut of other feelings that we were too busy to face at the time.

I never faced my feeling until today, 15 years after the fact.


I was sitting in Sunday school. This could be a reason for coming to church as it provides a place to reflect. I am inviting you to my class and it meets every week.

Your Chaplain has already released pain from 9.11 and will show you the way.

I am going to be transparent in the hope you will see this is something worth reflecting on.

It is as easy as 1,2,3.

I faced my feeling of numbness, helplessness and pain that I absorbed by watching planes smash into the twin towers.

I felt shock, pain from seeing human suffering, shame, confusion and guilt because I could not help and then feelings of helplessness.

On the 15th anniversary of 9.11, I got to reflect on what the attack did to me emotionally.


I made a choice today to feel how I felt 15 years ago and found negativity in my life. The choice began when our inspired leader suggested to the class (Sunday school class) that we share where we were 15 years ago on 9.11. He modeled transparency and it caught on.

Many shared where they were and what feelings were generated in them as they watched.

I became aware of my own feeling as I heard other people share theirs.

I had pushed feelings down after 9.11 and went to work. I never took the time to reflect or face any received trauma from these attacks. I did not even know that was possible. I was assigned to a naval base at the time and no one was allowed to leave. We stayed busy working and watched the barricades for whatever might be imagined. I am a strong person so got to work handling my responsibilities. I didn’t have time to process.

Today I did!

Today I had the opportunity to sit down and feel. I choose to feel how I felt when America was attacked. I was surprised to find I had several negative feelings. I don’t want negative vibrations in my life, I want good, positive vibrations. When I realized they were there I realized I would be letting them go and replacing them with a positive vibration of God’s unconditional love, Grace and peace. Letting negativity go will always make you stronger.

Others had similar and additional feelings. Over half our group talked about trauma they were still carrying. I was not consciously aware of my feelings until I heard other people talk about their experience.

I am saying this in the hope you will sit down and feel how you felt, like I did. You may already know how and what you felt.  After choosing to feel and recognizing I had some pain based feelings I made another choice.

First a word of caution. This is not based on logic. It is choosing to feel and then letting negative feelings go. Creating a logical defense in your mind will ensure you keep negative feelings. Keep it simple. Choose to feel and choose to release.

I choose to let my pain go. I said within myself as members of the group were sharing, “Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit, I invite you to locate and remove every negative feeling I absorbed as a result of 9.11.  Search through my conscious and sub-conscious mind and take every feeling that is linked to this event. I surrender my known feelings of pain, and helplessness, shame and confusion to you and release them out of my life.” “Jesus, I accept your unconditional love, Grace and peace instead.”

I sat there and felt the weight of these suppressed feelings leave my life.

Yes, I can still remember the event and see the video in my mind only without the tainted effect of negative feelings. The event can no longer play a track on my mind without my consent.

Let’s make this as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Sit down and reflect on how you felt on 9.11. Choose to feel. These are your feelings so take responsibility for them. If you can’t of don’t feel anything that is called numbness. Choose to let that go and look for more feelings.
  2. Choose to let these feelings go instead of pushing them back down. Invite our unseen friend, Jesus to help you as He is ever present to heal the broken heart. If you have a problem with Jesus or prayer then just choose life.  Forgive as necessary. It is a choice. Forgive self, any enemy,country or politician you feel is responsible. Let go of resentment.
  3. Let the negative pain leave your body, soul, heart and breathe in God’s love, Grace and peace. Choose to have this part of your life transformed.                                          You may want to use my prayer.         wtc-2004-memorial-on-page2                                                                                            It may help if you exhale the pain and inhale peace in place of those negative feelings. Choose to allow feeling of peace and calm to fill your life. I have enclosed a link to an additional tool to help release negative pain based feelings. Use this tool with intention of letting go of negativity and pain and you too will feel peace. it is ok to use it more than once and it is much better to use it several times than have these feeling pop up uninvited.                                                                                                              You!            Yeah You.             You Need A Chaplain.             Transformation prayer link


Perception!!! Is it real?

perception.jpg1What if the real problem in America is perception?

We have many problems: money, education, immigration, terrorism, and our many laws and crooked politician that control the press. These are all big problems that create lawlessness.

It does not stop there because people are educated and conditioned based on the wrong perception. .

We have poor people crying out for what they are unwilling to work for, Students with a better understanding of socialism then how to fill out a resume and preachers afraid of politicians who promise utopia type answers. Are politicians the answer? No! Perception is…

“Perception?” Yes we need to change it because,

All of these factors create the perception that we will crumble like Rome. We are doomed beyond repair and will burn to the ground, unless we get the right politician. The politicians can fix it, right? Wrong, politics are not the answer, perception is.

I am not discounting our problems or that we need civil government.

When things go wrong in society the government will then have a reason to pass more laws and restrict more freedom. After all, they have to do something to justify their existence. They often fix the problems they create by twisting perception.

The perception of doom and gloom is real and has the ability to incite fear in the hearts of men. Focusing on destruction and believing that, “anything that could go wrong will go wrong” will produce many things going wrong. Murphy’s Law does work but ask the question, are we doomed to the process of entropy (endless decay)?  Can it be stopped? We started it so…

Well what do we do, because we are in trouble? How does perception change?

Your Chaplain has done some research just for you.

The answer may be found in colonial American history and we must look at the Culpeper minutemen.

Culpeper County, Virginia had an interesting group of men.  They had the Bill of rights written on their hearts and shirts way before it was written down in Philadelphia. Because of this commitment to freedom we have freedom of thought. They were not politically correct to say the least.

Many do not realize that only 20 percent of the colonists were committed to the fight for freedom. In Culpeper County there was 100 percent commitment.

Baptist and Methodist Clergy helped with this commitment and fought alongside the Culpeper minutemen. This kind of commitment sparked and kept alive the fight against tyranny. These men pledged their lives, bled and some died for the perception that freedom, liberty was possible. Their choice for liberty or death was made because they perceived liberty possible. They did not hold an image of destruction for the future in their minds but synchronized their thoughts and prayers around a common vision for freedom.

Why is this perception important for today?


Perception has the ability to create reality.

There is one other thing to consider. We need to do what John Locke said to do, “Appeal to Heaven.” “In God we trust” is not just a token phrase making us look good.  And “God bless America” is not just a nice traditional song, it is a solemn prayer. Trusting in our Holy Scriptures and books is where colonial men found the vision and perception of freedom. Earnestly appealing to the God of Creation is in our founding documents. This is in our veins as Americans, as free Americans. Let’s be who we are.

Last poll said 63 percent of American have an understanding of faith.

What if 20 percent or more, had a vision of America becoming great beyond anything in the past? Not because a politician says it but because our appeal to heaven can make it a reality. I am not against a politician saying that. It is the ones saying we need more restrictions that concern me. What if this really could happen?  What if there were 100 million new millionaires? What would that do for the homeless and jobless?

The socialistic controlled media wants the rich person to share what they worked for with someone who has no desire to work. What if this is the wrong perception and the correct one is for more people to get wealthy so they can hire more people and spend more money? When people are successful other people believe they can be successful to.

Can we do it?

Did 20 percent of the colonist stand up against incredible odds and win because they had a perception of something different? Yes they did and the answer to America’s problems can be found simple by people joining around the banner that we can be great again. The perception that this can happen will make it happen. Some may call this faith because they would be looking at things that are not fully seen except with the eyes of the heart. 

On the other(left) hand,

The fear based perception that we can become a police state could make that happen also.

 What is your choice and perception for America?

Is it more wealthy people or everyone equally poor?

When people synchronize around a common belief and vision, it can become a reality. The truth is, we are not divided, we are not weak, and we do not hold any race back. We are led to believe that.   A person’s perception can stop progress and create self-fulfilling prophecies that are self-inflicted. When a society has a vision for collapse it makes it easier for a society to be destabilized. When a society has a vision for greatness, greater success and influence for good, the culture will rise together toward greatness. The nation is very capable of forgiveness and unity. It is necessary for communication and lots of business.20 percent led the fight for freedom. 20 percent can change the outcome so that we can become greater than ever.

 Perception of the reality of this greatness is actually, the answer for America. 1 (2)

For more insight on perception.


Is there Hope for America?

Is there hope?

Some say no. Politicians betray us, students can’t figure right from wrong, media is sold out, and mass shooting seems like, just another day.

Is there hope?

I rebel against conformity so for me there is hope. For those who conform, it is not looking good. Here is why.

People who study economics predict the future of America with Venezuelan clarity.

Those who study social scientists recognize cultural Marxism and can point to American demise with politically correct confidence.

The K.G.B. has said there work is done in the U.S. and we will now destroy ourselves from within.

A casual look down south makes it look like we are sitting ducks, to be shot, in a timely manner, with our own guns, by infiltrators, so the government controlled media can gain emotional support against criminals,… NO against guns.

Guns killing people is the same as matches burning down houses, cars causing accidents.

This defies logic so there must be a reason for collecting guns. Hitler offers insight, “to conquer a nation you must first collect the guns.”

I say rebel against hopelessness and look inward to find hope. Everyone is moved by what they see and things look hopeless so it is time to change where we look for hope. What is interesting about those who rebel against restricting social structure and tyrants is where they find hope.

This implies there is hope. Yes there is hope.

For those who identify with God there is always hope.  God’s unchanged Word is a constant source for hope.

American history shows how a combination of faith in God and love for a free land gave hope. This is patriotism. It still runs in our veins so there is hope for America. Maybe we can feed hope if we look where the founding fathers looked? It was in a book they memorized. It said on the front, “Holy Bible.”

Hope can be found among people of like mind.  As long as I have family, friends and buddies in the military who call on God there is hope. God is Love, long-suffering and answers prayers. Because men and women in America call on God is evidence that God is not finished with America.

Take Hope. Yes you will need to take hope. Take hope and stay aware of what is going on and take responsible action directed by the Holy Spirit. A Christian should recognize this as part of their lifestyle.

Without making this political, we need a president who understands we must stop immigration temporarily. We need a strong president who knows how to make money, handle debt and the importance of a strong military. Any other kind of president will create social unrest, bring in combatants to reinforce ISIS cells already pinpointed by F.B.I. and collapse the economy.

Let’s choose awareness and responsible action based on scriptural hope. Take hope. Men and women are praying for America. Let’s join them. Lift up our eyes and take hope.

1 (2) Chaplain Joseph A. Nosak

Three Shorts

A Choice:

It was hard to reach the first limb. I had to stand on my tippy toes and barely got two fingers over the curve of the branch. But I made it, after jumping, shimming up the trunk and pulling with all my strength. I finally got to the first limb and looked up at the other limbs. They were all arranged like stairs. Looking through the spiral I could see the top.

This climb would not be like the chestnut tree. It had a deep crevice in the trunk and they had to call the fire department to get my foot out of it. Why did I climb it anyway? I had never seen anyone climb the chestnut tree or any tree for that matter. The chestnuts fell by themselves and the limbs, the leaves, and the bark all tasted funny. I ran and hid when my foot fell free, didn’t even say thanks.

Sitting in the maple tree was comfortable. The little sticks tasted good and it had a place to rest your back. Mom said maple syrup came out of it, the leaves were big with veins and the seeds made whirly birds. The maple tree was my biggest challenge so I reached up and before long I was high enough to look in our second story window. No one was looking out and that was a good thing because the fire truck thing was pretty embarrassing. There was no point in staying there or waiting for permission, that I would not get, so climbed up, above and beyond the top of the house. It was wonderful and easy to climb but at the top the branches thinned out and had a lot of bend in them. I looked down from the top and could see the path I would take if I fell. I almost got afraid but decided not to fall. I decided not be afraid and all fear left.  Then I looked up and with some sort of strange abandonment for my safety swayed back and forth in the top of the tree. I bent the top of that tree to the limit going back and forth and back and forth.  The thought came, “this little stick could break and then you would fall.”  I realized that was true so climbed down. I left fear and it did not follow. I didn’t realize the tremendous power our choices have. Five year old kids don’t realize stuff like that.

A Voice:

He was a little Italian man and not much to look at. His wife had moved on and up while the children somehow drifted apart fussing over who would get the bigger property. He wasn’t even in the grave yet and they were already fighting. Brother DeAndre went somewhere in his mind when all this happened. It was painful to say the least.  He had built two churches in Italy and two in the United States and pastored them.  He worked for his dream and was a wise steward of resources. His children skipped church and many other opportunities to show kindness and follow his path so we will not remember them.

I met Brother DeAndre while building a deck for a nice Italian Attorney who rescued him from the psychiatric ward.  They still used shock treatment there.  He called to me from across the deck and I moved quickly to be face to face with him. He said, “young man, do you know what God wants from you?” Although I was standing in front of years of acquired wisdom I felt compiled to present an answer. I got out my mental flipchart of possible answers, shut it down and decided to politely say, “no brother DeAndre what does God want from me?” His finger approached my nose along with, “God wants you to obey everything He tells you.” Then Brother DeAndre told me about Noah, the Ark and how obedience meant salvation for the whole family. I knew the story and accepted it as true so went back to work while our Pastor went for an 87 year old walk up the street. Upon returning he summonsed me again, “young man, do you know what God wants from you?” I didn’t get out my flipchart but did think maybe he was losing it after all, so answered politely, “No what does God want from me?” The story was repeated and I thought it was a nice coincidence until it happened again. This time the matching questions spoke to my heart and I realized Brother DeAndre was terribly misunderstood, was in a lot of pain yet somehow remained available to bring a message to me as if from God Himself. The pointed finger asked, “Young man, do you know what God wants from you?” “Obey everything He tells you and don’t forget about Noah.” I left reasoning and let the words sink in. What did God want? He never told me anything so I guess I am ok. God does not talk to me. He talks to others, well they say He does. What does God want? I was truly challenged. My thoughts were interrupted when brother DeAndre said, “promise me one thing, and don’t ever a curse.” I said sure but did not curse anyway so what did that mean? Something inside carried the conversation forward by saying “don’t ever speak and curse the vision of completeness that is inside because of Christ.” I pondered it in my heart.

A Vision:

She was 97. This immigrant to America lived in a bootlegger’s house, out lived all her relatives, and only wanted one thing. I said, “Aunt Lilly, do you have any more dreams that you want to see come to pass?” She smiled and said in her strong Polish accent, “Honey, I want to go see Andrew.”  Andrew and Lilly were married after WWI and shortly after Lilly could see herself owning a farm. Everyone said she was crazy but somehow Lilly knew if she could see it, she could have it. Owning and operating a farm requires a lot of work and Lilly could see herself bringing in the hay, milking the cows, planting apple trees, fixing fences, making a pond, digging a well, she did it all because she could see herself working for what she could see.

She told me about coming to America, working in the silk factories till her hands ran bloody, her father dying in the coal mines and being alone in a new Country with a dream of having a farm. One day Lilly and Andrew drove by a little farm house that belonged to a bootlegger. She could see herself living there in spite of Andrews protests because of the condition of the roof. The bootlegger got in trouble and Lilly paid him cash for 400 acres, a barn and the house where we were sitting. She said “Honey, if you want something you got to work for it.” She pointed toward the apple trees and said, “Honey, do you know who planted those apple trees?” “I did” she answered, I planted the trees, I picked the apples and I baked the pie.” “Have another piece of pie honey and honey if you want something you have to work for it.” Lilly is with Andrew now but her life lessons remain, “if you can see it and are willing to work for it, you can have it.”

images.3 shorts jpgNice shorts. Did you get it?

Chaplain Joseph A. Nosak