The Heart of a Dog

It is said that a dog has a sixth sense. As a result, a dog can almost read their master’s mind and can detect little tone changes in the voice.  If the dog has a sixth sense and so does man then the best way to speak to a dog is from the heart. The speech must agree with the heart and then the dog will understand.  A dog does not listen to just the words you say.  He does not understand speech. However, he pays close attention to your facial expressions, your movements and the tone of your voice. These are all expressions of your heart. A dog can read, just not literature.

If your dog is ignoring you, connect with your heart.

Dogs cannot be fooled about how someone is feeling. Feel fear and they will mess with you.

Feel sad and they will stay by your side even if you can act happy to fool others.

This is an indication of how our Heavenly Father looks at our heart. God knows the heart, the motives, and He knows what is going on in the heart. If you have not connected with your heart, yet, then keep praying, even if you don’t feel like you are getting it right. When you connect your heart to God’s heart you will instantly sense the connection.

Connecting to God from the heart defines if one has a relationship or a religion.

Relationships with God and a dog can be a wonderful spiritual experience. If you keep your relationships on a chain then this could be missed.

Dog means, an animal with a heart like yours. The ancient word “dog” comes from two words “ke (like) and Lev (heart)” like a heart.” This is defined by looking at what happened in Exodus 11:7 where the guard dogs did not bark at the escaping Israelites because the dogs listened to their heart. Dogs have historically helped men escape from slavery. It could also be said that the dogs felt the pain of the Egyptians  yet did not utter so much as a wimper against those following a path to freedom.
A dog will endear itself to your heart. This could be the reason a dog is the number one house pet. The Hebrew name for dog reminds us that the dog has a heart like man. This heart mirrors the heart of God. Could it be that God gave us a dog to teach us of His loyalty, faithfulness and unconditional love?

When one’s speech is filled with truth and faith, judgments are eliminated, and the human heart becomes just like a dog’s heart, free from judgment. This was the original condition of man and the dog reminds us it is still possible.

Dog spelled backwards is… God.

Chaplain Joe


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