Special session on sexuality

Demoralization of our nation cannot be complete until the standards for morality have been successfully subverted. Hollywood was easy to subvert because they wanted to be demoralized, as did the education and judicial system. The church should stand against subversion of truth but it has people planted there for the subversion of core values.

Does a standard for social justice like the church want to take the same path as hollywood, a path of lawlessness paved by the spirit of iniquity?

Does the church want to be recorded in history as the weak kneed bastion that cowered to political correctness and censorship of Holy Scripture?

It will, if they don’t recognize, divide and conquer is still an effective strategy against an opposing ideology and social structure. Take it apart in pieces, while making someone a victim, so that the dismantling has just cause, making good look like evil and vice appealing.

Three things scripture is clear on, God’s favorite name is Our Father. (Luke11:2) I knew you while you were in your mother’s womb,(Jeramiah 1:5) and in the beginning God made them male and female.(Matthew 19:4) Google it, if you have never read scripture, or deny where these concepts come from.

Is scripture subject to human reasoning or do we now reinvent a translation justifying immorality. Inventing doctrine to justify weak moral convictions ends in ultimate reconciliation with the power of choice absent and grace not experienced.

When the reasoning of man is embraced over the wisdom of God it is the spirit of iniquity. The Garden of Eden is the prime example of the beginning of this process.

When anyone claims to understand God yet deny His word they are workers of iniquity. The devil is not needed when the church spreads the lies.

Look to the words of Christ. He said neither do I condemn you, but go and sin no more. Confer with the inspired scriptures that can give hope to those trapped in addictions. Calling an addiction, especially a sexual addiction normal, leaves the soul hopeless and a slave to personal pain.

A church can be demoralized if it wants to be but what kind of message of hope for transformation  does that send to those who are weak yet trying to follow? It confuses them, making them easier prey, and demoralization then wins the day.

Chaplain Joe

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