Baby it’s cold inside.

Why play Christmas songs that include the Savior?

In an effort to show the calculated process that has brought us political correctness we will have to start with a brief history lesson. The lesson will be brief yet not long enough for those immersed in history. The lesson is simply a foundation for why those on a politically correct crusade think their speech is holier that those who embrace the Biblical roots of the first amendment in the Bill of Rights.

Let us rewind to 1923. This is the year an influential institution was started for the study of social research.  This school of thought would teach practical methods for a philosophy that would undermine Christian societies. The Frankford institute has succeeded by formulating a practical application for socialism. The methods and social engineering they taught has succeeded in demoralizing great nations and the greatest nation in history, America.

“The members of the Institute have been credited for the development of a model of Critical Theory, a type of Marxism influenced by psychoanalysis and existentialism, and their influential aesthetic theories and critiques of capitalist culture.”[1] The Frankfurt School, also known as the Institute of Social Research and by some as the Karl Marx University is a social and political philosophical movement of thought originally located in Frankfurt, Germany.[2] It later moved to Columbia University in New York.

Social theory becomes critical theory when it gently attacks the core issues involving the innovations of a capitalist society, the definition of social emancipation and the perceived pathologies of society.[3] Critical theory provides a specific interpretation of Marxist philosophy and reinterprets some of its central economic and political notions making it a workable tool for subversion.

Critical theory is applied to a wide variety of economic, social, political and aesthetic topics. It challenges and opposes the traditional dominant order of economic, political, ideological, and theoretical roles for society.[4] It is a philosophy that criticizes the prevailing view in a society, undermines social practices.

This means that whatever a society holds dear, and what gives it identity, cohesion and uniqueness, is replaced a little at a time with something else. If a people group like singing about Jesus at Christmas the music will become more and more about jingle bells and Siberian orchestra type songs. O Holy Night is now the Christmas train. Instead of falling on our knees to find hope, direction, and comfort we look to Amazon for fulfillment and Google for direction.

Another extreme is “Baby it’s cold outside” as offensive yet fifty shades of grey is freedom of expression.

Fight back. Sing about the reason for the season, Jesus.

The subversion of our culture is calculated, orchestrated and allowed. We embrace and allow it, but it can be stopped, by warming the heart with scripture.

Read the account of Christmas in the Gospels. There are four accounts, for different audiences, yet end with one conclusion, Jesus is the reason for Christmas.

Many people hope there is a person like Santa Clause.

There is and His Name is Jesus.

Believing in His birth, life, death and resurrection will make Christmas a living experience.

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