Character behind suffering

Finding a way out of pain is a great process and could lead to transformation. Transformation means becoming Christ like.  Although pain seems like the number one enemy, pain is something that we can embrace, learn from and then pass through. Choosing to find a solution for pain needs to be embraced with the knowledge that feeling pain is part of the healing process. It should never be viewed as something God sent.

It is not something God sent, it is a response built into the body and soul. Pain is something that tells us something is wrong so that we can choose to fix it and get free from pain. It is important to realize the Jesus bore the pain of humanity when He died on the cross. All pain was placed on Him, so legally, if Jesus bore our pain, there must be a way for me not to have to bear that pain.

To begin a healing experience, it is important to trust God with the end result of your healing process. In other words, even if you are in pain and you understand Jesus carried your pain on the cross, you can still put faith in action by acknowledging in your heart that God’s word is true and you are trusting God, not your eyes, feelings, good actions or your bad actions but God’s love and ability with a good final outcome. Trusting God with a good outcome implies that God did not sent the pain and is there to provide wisdom on how to walk free from pain. Some Christians have a strong doctrine about pain and feel that God allows it. Their Theodicy, what people believe about evil and suffering, is often confused because they judge God’s character as half evil.  God revealed Himself as the God who heals and not the one, who steals, kills and destroys so let’s extrapolate or walk the thoughts out about God allowing pain. If God allowed pain then maybe he sent it to fulfill some sort of higher purpose, like purge you of sin. Some people can quote scripture to back up this view but the life of Jesus says God’s character wants everyone healed and Jesus healed them all many times. If God used pain to perfect His children God would have to admit that placing pain and sin on Jesus, on the cross was a mistake. Paul would have to admit he forgot to list the gift of pain among the 1 Corinthians 12:28 gifts God set in the church to perfect the saints.

Saying God used the evil of pain would imply that God has a duel nature capable of hurting or healing the same children He sent His Son to die for. The first chapter of James says God does not tempt people with evil and anyone who has religious views on where temptation comes from should put their hand on their mouth. James explains where pain comes from.

The fourth chapter of 1 John says God is love and there is no fear in that perfect love. Saying that God used pain on anyone would mean God has a dissociated identity disorder and can have a personality shift in order to teach you something.

Believing this kind of junk about God will undermine your confidence when you come to Him. How can you come to someone for help who you think they might break your fingers if you don’t cough up ten percent?

You would have to have a whole lot of religious requirements that you would have to do before coming to a god who you fear. All the pagan gods require something so where do these religious requirements come from? Some people worship the fulfillment of religious requirements instead of the one who gives unconditional love.

You can’t come to God with confidence until you settle the fact that He is a big ball of love. He is a dad that exists to love and is thrilled when His kids confidently come to talk with Him. This love should be the driving force in every feeling, thought, belief and action involving God and man.  It is important to let go of religious views on suffering and embrace the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus as the final place where suffering was dealt with. God is love and no pain comes out of total love. God is not out to get anyone but gave the best thing He had, His Son, to redeem mankind back to himself. God does not hold back anything good from the world. Men make choices contrary to God and allow evil, not love to govern their lives.

Evil men who follow lies against the character of God are largely what is behind evil and suffering in this world.

Man has authority in the earth, not Satan, so in order for Satan to work he needs the co-operation of man. The lie that God is keeping information from man goes back to the Garden of Eden where Satan claimed to have information that God was not providing.[1] Adam, who was already created in the image of God, believed the lie that he was not like God then acted on Satan’s words.

Men are still made in the likeness of God and still have authority in the earth yet they still act on Satan’s words and that brings about evil, pain and suffering. Man never surrendered authority to Satan as Genesis 3:7 says the only thing that was cursed was the ground. If man is made in the likeness of God and still has authority in the earth then maybe the real problem is when man does not see himself made in the image of God.

Man who sees himself as less than a son of God can now blame God and Satan for problems.

The reason we have pain and suffering on the earth is not because God allows it. It is because man, who does not see himself as being in authority, chooses to follow the father of lies so reaps the fruit of those lies.

Following love and choosing to see God as ultimate love will produce better fruit and should be the motivator for all good actions. God as a loving Father is the one who wants His children free from pain. It’s a character trait of love.

[1] Richards Jim Dr. Apocalypse

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