I love Muslims but fear Islam.

A Muslim neighbor can be a good thing as they are honest and God fearing.

There are Muslim neighbors near a family tree farm.  They are nice people and take care of their critters. I trust them and feel safe because of the Muslim neighbors. I know what to expect from them as American Muslims.

We are courteous to each other but that has nothing to do with the political, religious, economics agenda of Islam.

These farmers have an agenda, raise sheep and sell for a profit.

Islam also has an agenda.

Let me enlighten you because Islamophobia appears to be a propaganda word that includes ISIS yet takes in peaceful Muslims.Islam is something we should be afraid of.

Muslim, goodhearted neighbors, trying to make a living and enjoy the American Dream, friend types, no. We should have them over for dinner and understand each other.

Islam on the other hand will not come over for dinner unless you bow to Allah. It is a system of force and the only way people will submit to it is by force.

Let me clarify something. The Christian Church has records of it using force as well. They thought it was right to use force to spread the Roman Catholic religion. This is something from the past. It is not in use today as the freedom and power of choice is recognized as God given. We are in the age of Grace, not the dark ages.

Several things about Islam you should be aware of.

Warning: not politically correct.

If I have a rational fear it is best to prepare for the worst. Thanks Murphy! I’m a Redneck Chaplain. No Problem.


We are not associating rational fear with Islam because the politically correct crowd lumps the good Muslims in with radical Terrorist Muslims who are promoting the agenda of Global Islam.  An irrational fear is what is associated with a phobia. Anyone who speaks out against radical Muslims is accused of bigotry against peaceful Muslims.This suppression defies logic.

Your Chaplain has done some research for you…

Let me ask. Did the Jews in Germany have fear of being carted away after they saw their neighbors disappear?  You know they did but they stayed and Christians did nothing to stop the dehumanized collections. That is real fear, not irrational.

If the early Koran says I am going to hell because I am a Kafir, infidel, there is nothing to fear.

If a new version of the Koran says the Kafirs who are going to hell anyway, need to be killed in Jihad and we have records of that happening, we have a ligament fear. If the Koran says Kafirs can be beheaded and I am one, and I see pictures of this happening around the world, it is a ligament fear of losing my Christian, Jewish head. Is this a fear of Islam of fear of losing my head?

Islamophobia is an irrational fear of peaceful Muslims among us but it is rational to fear Islam because there are real time images of people going topless.

They can also crucify Christians and Jews. This is happening so should I have a phobia, an irrational fear? Or should I face the facts?

I don’t want anyone to lose their head over their beliefs. I love peaceful Muslim people but Islam is violent and it is logical to fear losing one’s head or having a neck slit or being burned for the faith.

Therefor I oppose violent Islam and love Muslims. I oppose violent Christianity as well and love Christians who think the kingdom is established by violence.Anyone committed to force is misguided.


Willingly is the key word as no one forces anyone to accept Christ.

When the Gospel is heard, involving Jesus being a sacrifice for man’s sin and God not holding anything against man, the choice can be made to accept it or reject it. No force is involved.The experience of love will follow the acceptance, not hate.

There are good Muslims who worship the God of Abraham. They are among us and need to feel like they are not feared but loved.These good Muslims produce goodness, kindness and love.

By their fruit you will know them.

Whats for dinner?

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