Past trauma, Present Stress.9.11


Past trauma and present stress.          Is this a new disorder?

Do we need medication and therapy in order to function? Do we need to continue to self-medicate?

If I said Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.) you would immediately think this is something the military deals with.

I didn’t.

I said past trauma and current life stress or events. Present stress. Where does it come from? To him who has more will be given so I am going to say it comes from you yet you can choose life instead of stress.

The military does deal with P.T.S.D. and we think it is like a veteran being out in public, a motorcycle backfires so they immediately jump and look for cover. I know some veterans who will jump if you clap your hands. This stuff is real.

There is another thing that is real in America. Everyone has some form of past trauma affecting their life.

Colonel Peterson Md. took it a step further and said, “Everyone in American had P.T.S.D. as a result of the attack on our country.”

The trauma may be felt in the form on numbness, helplessness, fear, shame, guilt, grief, loss, abandonment, confusion and a gamut of other feelings that we were too busy to face at the time.

I never faced my feeling until today, 15 years after the fact.


I was sitting in Sunday school. This could be a reason for coming to church as it provides a place to reflect. I am inviting you to my class and it meets every week.

Your Chaplain has already released pain from 9.11 and will show you the way.

I am going to be transparent in the hope you will see this is something worth reflecting on.

It is as easy as 1,2,3.

I faced my feeling of numbness, helplessness and pain that I absorbed by watching planes smash into the twin towers.

I felt shock, pain from seeing human suffering, shame, confusion and guilt because I could not help and then feelings of helplessness.

On the 15th anniversary of 9.11, I got to reflect on what the attack did to me emotionally.


I made a choice today to feel how I felt 15 years ago and found negativity in my life. The choice began when our inspired leader suggested to the class (Sunday school class) that we share where we were 15 years ago on 9.11. He modeled transparency and it caught on.

Many shared where they were and what feelings were generated in them as they watched.

I became aware of my own feeling as I heard other people share theirs.

I had pushed feelings down after 9.11 and went to work. I never took the time to reflect or face any received trauma from these attacks. I did not even know that was possible. I was assigned to a naval base at the time and no one was allowed to leave. We stayed busy working and watched the barricades for whatever might be imagined. I am a strong person so got to work handling my responsibilities. I didn’t have time to process.

Today I did!

Today I had the opportunity to sit down and feel. I choose to feel how I felt when America was attacked. I was surprised to find I had several negative feelings. I don’t want negative vibrations in my life, I want good, positive vibrations. When I realized they were there I realized I would be letting them go and replacing them with a positive vibration of God’s unconditional love, Grace and peace. Letting negativity go will always make you stronger.

Others had similar and additional feelings. Over half our group talked about trauma they were still carrying. I was not consciously aware of my feelings until I heard other people talk about their experience.

I am saying this in the hope you will sit down and feel how you felt, like I did. You may already know how and what you felt.  After choosing to feel and recognizing I had some pain based feelings I made another choice.

First a word of caution. This is not based on logic. It is choosing to feel and then letting negative feelings go. Creating a logical defense in your mind will ensure you keep negative feelings. Keep it simple. Choose to feel and choose to release.

I choose to let my pain go. I said within myself as members of the group were sharing, “Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit, I invite you to locate and remove every negative feeling I absorbed as a result of 9.11.  Search through my conscious and sub-conscious mind and take every feeling that is linked to this event. I surrender my known feelings of pain, and helplessness, shame and confusion to you and release them out of my life.” “Jesus, I accept your unconditional love, Grace and peace instead.”

I sat there and felt the weight of these suppressed feelings leave my life.

Yes, I can still remember the event and see the video in my mind only without the tainted effect of negative feelings. The event can no longer play a track on my mind without my consent.

Let’s make this as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Sit down and reflect on how you felt on 9.11. Choose to feel. These are your feelings so take responsibility for them. If you can’t of don’t feel anything that is called numbness. Choose to let that go and look for more feelings.
  2. Choose to let these feelings go instead of pushing them back down. Invite our unseen friend, Jesus to help you as He is ever present to heal the broken heart. If you have a problem with Jesus or prayer then just choose life.  Forgive as necessary. It is a choice. Forgive self, any enemy,country or politician you feel is responsible. Let go of resentment.
  3. Let the negative pain leave your body, soul, heart and breathe in God’s love, Grace and peace. Choose to have this part of your life transformed.                                          You may want to use my prayer.         wtc-2004-memorial-on-page2                                                                                            It may help if you exhale the pain and inhale peace in place of those negative feelings. Choose to allow feeling of peace and calm to fill your life. I have enclosed a link to an additional tool to help release negative pain based feelings. Use this tool with intention of letting go of negativity and pain and you too will feel peace. it is ok to use it more than once and it is much better to use it several times than have these feeling pop up uninvited.                                                                                                              You!            Yeah You.             You Need A Chaplain.             Transformation prayer link


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