Perception!!! Is it real?

perception.jpg1What if the real problem in America is perception?

We have many problems: money, education, immigration, terrorism, and our many laws and crooked politician that control the press. These are all big problems that create lawlessness.

It does not stop there because people are educated and conditioned based on the wrong perception. .

We have poor people crying out for what they are unwilling to work for, Students with a better understanding of socialism then how to fill out a resume and preachers afraid of politicians who promise utopia type answers. Are politicians the answer? No! Perception is…

“Perception?” Yes we need to change it because,

All of these factors create the perception that we will crumble like Rome. We are doomed beyond repair and will burn to the ground, unless we get the right politician. The politicians can fix it, right? Wrong, politics are not the answer, perception is.

I am not discounting our problems or that we need civil government.

When things go wrong in society the government will then have a reason to pass more laws and restrict more freedom. After all, they have to do something to justify their existence. They often fix the problems they create by twisting perception.

The perception of doom and gloom is real and has the ability to incite fear in the hearts of men. Focusing on destruction and believing that, “anything that could go wrong will go wrong” will produce many things going wrong. Murphy’s Law does work but ask the question, are we doomed to the process of entropy (endless decay)?  Can it be stopped? We started it so…

Well what do we do, because we are in trouble? How does perception change?

Your Chaplain has done some research just for you.

The answer may be found in colonial American history and we must look at the Culpeper minutemen.

Culpeper County, Virginia had an interesting group of men.  They had the Bill of rights written on their hearts and shirts way before it was written down in Philadelphia. Because of this commitment to freedom we have freedom of thought. They were not politically correct to say the least.

Many do not realize that only 20 percent of the colonists were committed to the fight for freedom. In Culpeper County there was 100 percent commitment.

Baptist and Methodist Clergy helped with this commitment and fought alongside the Culpeper minutemen. This kind of commitment sparked and kept alive the fight against tyranny. These men pledged their lives, bled and some died for the perception that freedom, liberty was possible. Their choice for liberty or death was made because they perceived liberty possible. They did not hold an image of destruction for the future in their minds but synchronized their thoughts and prayers around a common vision for freedom.

Why is this perception important for today?


Perception has the ability to create reality.

There is one other thing to consider. We need to do what John Locke said to do, “Appeal to Heaven.” “In God we trust” is not just a token phrase making us look good.  And “God bless America” is not just a nice traditional song, it is a solemn prayer. Trusting in our Holy Scriptures and books is where colonial men found the vision and perception of freedom. Earnestly appealing to the God of Creation is in our founding documents. This is in our veins as Americans, as free Americans. Let’s be who we are.

Last poll said 63 percent of American have an understanding of faith.

What if 20 percent or more, had a vision of America becoming great beyond anything in the past? Not because a politician says it but because our appeal to heaven can make it a reality. I am not against a politician saying that. It is the ones saying we need more restrictions that concern me. What if this really could happen?  What if there were 100 million new millionaires? What would that do for the homeless and jobless?

The socialistic controlled media wants the rich person to share what they worked for with someone who has no desire to work. What if this is the wrong perception and the correct one is for more people to get wealthy so they can hire more people and spend more money? When people are successful other people believe they can be successful to.

Can we do it?

Did 20 percent of the colonist stand up against incredible odds and win because they had a perception of something different? Yes they did and the answer to America’s problems can be found simple by people joining around the banner that we can be great again. The perception that this can happen will make it happen. Some may call this faith because they would be looking at things that are not fully seen except with the eyes of the heart. 

On the other(left) hand,

The fear based perception that we can become a police state could make that happen also.

 What is your choice and perception for America?

Is it more wealthy people or everyone equally poor?

When people synchronize around a common belief and vision, it can become a reality. The truth is, we are not divided, we are not weak, and we do not hold any race back. We are led to believe that.   A person’s perception can stop progress and create self-fulfilling prophecies that are self-inflicted. When a society has a vision for collapse it makes it easier for a society to be destabilized. When a society has a vision for greatness, greater success and influence for good, the culture will rise together toward greatness. The nation is very capable of forgiveness and unity. It is necessary for communication and lots of business.20 percent led the fight for freedom. 20 percent can change the outcome so that we can become greater than ever.

 Perception of the reality of this greatness is actually, the answer for America. 1 (2)

For more insight on perception.


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