Is there Hope for America?

Is there hope?

Some say no. Politicians betray us, students can’t figure right from wrong, media is sold out, and mass shooting seems like, just another day.

Is there hope?

I rebel against conformity so for me there is hope. For those who conform, it is not looking good. Here is why.

People who study economics predict the future of America with Venezuelan clarity.

Those who study social scientists recognize cultural Marxism and can point to American demise with politically correct confidence.

The K.G.B. has said there work is done in the U.S. and we will now destroy ourselves from within.

A casual look down south makes it look like we are sitting ducks, to be shot, in a timely manner, with our own guns, by infiltrators, so the government controlled media can gain emotional support against criminals,… NO against guns.

Guns killing people is the same as matches burning down houses, cars causing accidents.

This defies logic so there must be a reason for collecting guns. Hitler offers insight, “to conquer a nation you must first collect the guns.”

I say rebel against hopelessness and look inward to find hope. Everyone is moved by what they see and things look hopeless so it is time to change where we look for hope. What is interesting about those who rebel against restricting social structure and tyrants is where they find hope.

This implies there is hope. Yes there is hope.

For those who identify with God there is always hope.  God’s unchanged Word is a constant source for hope.

American history shows how a combination of faith in God and love for a free land gave hope. This is patriotism. It still runs in our veins so there is hope for America. Maybe we can feed hope if we look where the founding fathers looked? It was in a book they memorized. It said on the front, “Holy Bible.”

Hope can be found among people of like mind.  As long as I have family, friends and buddies in the military who call on God there is hope. God is Love, long-suffering and answers prayers. Because men and women in America call on God is evidence that God is not finished with America.

Take Hope. Yes you will need to take hope. Take hope and stay aware of what is going on and take responsible action directed by the Holy Spirit. A Christian should recognize this as part of their lifestyle.

Without making this political, we need a president who understands we must stop immigration temporarily. We need a strong president who knows how to make money, handle debt and the importance of a strong military. Any other kind of president will create social unrest, bring in combatants to reinforce ISIS cells already pinpointed by F.B.I. and collapse the economy.

Let’s choose awareness and responsible action based on scriptural hope. Take hope. Men and women are praying for America. Let’s join them. Lift up our eyes and take hope.

1 (2) Chaplain Joseph A. Nosak

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