Why should I forgive.

I am  a Chaplain to Veteran’s. I am not interested in your church or care what you think about me.  SOOO Maybe i am more like a Pirate Chaplain. AAAARRR I will offer guidelines and suggest the best path but not make you walk the plank unless you insist. Some people really are stupid and only learn when a squid is stuck on their face. The wise person, I now know that is you, because you are still reading, learns from instruction and not a beating.

We had a veteran do some stupid stuff. As a result some people got hurt. I can not define the intention of any of the people involved but realize that sometime people do things out of personal pain or insecurity.

Back to the people who got hurt. I shared a message publicly that you will benefit from. It involves a young G.I. I will add some additional thoughts after I share about the young G.I.

While deployed I shared this message with my Seabees several times.Some idiots were beating them up on a regular basis and i did my best to protect them. Choosing forgiveness was important.
A young sailor was walking on the beach, wearing cowboy boots
and gym shorts. (Don’t laugh; I actually saw this part. I think he must
have been from the Oklahoma.) He was enjoying the sun, the wind, and
the salty sea breeze, without a care in the world, kicking up sand into
the top of his boots and enjoying the surf. He surely never expected a
seagull to take a dump right above his head! With aerial precision, the
poop landed right on his nose.
The sailor was shocked and began shouting at the seagull. He was
convinced the seagull had targeted him, so he raised his voice even
louder. He demanded the seagull clean up the poop. He vowed never
to clean it up himself, because it was the seagull’s responsibility, and he
needed to teach the seagull a lesson.
The seagull continued flying and caught the next air current, acting
as if it had never heard the young sailor yelling on the beach. The beach
was no fun anymore, so the sailor headed back to the barracks. People
began to avoid him and talked behind his back about his stinky attitude.
He went through that for several days and then happened to take a long,
hard look in the mirror—the poop had dried on his face, and it looked
like it might be a problem to remove it. He finally changed his mind
about holding a grudge and realized the seagull wasn’t coming back to
fix the mess; it probably wasn’t even aware of what it had done to him.
With a wet rag, he cleaned the poop off his own face and forgave the
Lessons from Antigua
Immediately, the world looked and smelled better. People began to
respond differently to him, and soon he was back on the beach, wearing
his cowboy boots and enjoying life. I shared this because I was in a public meeting and could look around the room and see poop on faces. I am happy to report that good choices were made involving forgiveness and the place smells better too. That might have been a real plumbing problem.

Here are some additional thoughts in case you think you need to teach the seagull a lesson.

It is equally important to not be
the seagull.If you are stop the random dumping.

But if you did get dumped on…
Let’s look at this subjectively.  You have resentment or unforgiveness
toward someone so you keep that person in a little cage in your mind.
Every feeling and thought passes through the cage. Your thoughts are
now filtered by the person you despise. Now you have this person who
does things you despise monitoring your thoughts and feelings. This
may sound like a stupid idea, but it gets worse; at some point, you make
a hologram out of that person and imagine him or her in a paralyzing
ray, suspended in the air in front of you. While in the paralyzing ray,
you abuse the person in the same manner he or she abused you. It makes
sense to you to punish the person, and for that reason, you keep him or
her in the cage in your mind. You beat the person up and tell him or her
all the things that “set the record straight.” You then shrink the person
down and put him or her back in the cage for future beatings.
The problem is that by filtering all your thoughts and feelings
through the cage, the person you despise is gradually becoming you.
Soon he or she will control you to the point that you’ll be doing to others
the very thing that person did to you. Some would say these holograms,
when mixed with emotion; have a way of changing our cellular makeup.
We can see people with twisted expressions, so I have to wonder if their
facial features started with stored resentment that changed their cell
structure that shaped their face into something angry. Is D.N.A. a self writing program? Buddha say no. What a coincidence that Nero-scientist say the same thing. Jesus said, “as a man thinks so is he.” Alright rabbit trails are fun.
Forgive 3X
Let’s be illogical, with “il” being the key syllable here. I have an enemy,
and I want to poison him. Un-forgiveness is the poison that I want to
use on him, but unfortunately, I can’t get to him. I realize that holding
a grudge will eventually mess up every aspect of my enemy’s life, and I
want it to work as soon as possible, so I drink the poison myself.
There’s often a common, misguided logic behind our judgments,
especially those we hold onto vehemently. In my effort to get back at the
person who offended me, I swallowed the poison of un-forgiveness—
only I’m the one who feels its effects. Choose to forgive and immediately
the world will be a better place. It may even smell better.Choose. Life is not random chance. It is based on the divine ability to choose.

Lessons From Antigua

2 thoughts on “Why should I forgive.

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  2. Love the message. Forgiveness helps everyone, but we have a responsibility to also protect ourselves from future harm. As it is said and written many times across the globe each day in the Lord’s Prayer “Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil.” All people must learn not to let the seagulls poop on their heads and to forgive lest your heart and soul will have many cages and enemies. Praying before bedtime is good, but as our subconscious takes over each night, we return with many of the same battles like Ground hogs day everyday. Few can get by without many prayers each day to end the suffering wounds of the soul. God bless you Chaplain. Keep writing. I will keep you in my prayers.


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