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I did not like the migration part of globalization until I changed my perspective. I like that we can order something from another country and have it in a few days. Globalized trade is a wonderful event.  It provides information and goods instantly or overnight. I like traveling, seeing and meeting people from other cultures. Having them walk by my house every now and then was bugging me so I found reason to criticize their presence. I am happy to find Recognizing God’s hand in the migration process puts a human face on each person and each encounter is an opportunity to show love.

Learning to embrace diversity takes time and effort and the free market has paid for shipping. Globalization should say thank you to the free market because enterprise records record trillions as motivation. The motivation for globalization is often attributed to economics.  Because men are motivated to increase in wealth the road is paved to spread the gospel.  Now if the free market had a conscience some of the profits could be used to help the poor.  Migration is God’s idea for man and mandate. God told man to go subdue the earth and populate the earth right after creating man. Look it up in Genesis.

Globalization has two roots. One is rooted in that God is good and is motivated by love and the other root is that God is evil, keeps information from man and will wipe man out because of an anger problem. One root will take you to every part of the world to embrace diversity and the other recycles man back to Babel (tower of Babel)and conformity.  The conformity of Babel was that all bricks and every element of society would be the same. Total control is required for conformity, so, no, no one would be leaving the brick yard to fulfill God’s mandate. Building is never wrong but building because of Nimrods secret agenda of socialism will get your language confused as it did in Genesis 11.

Man decides to follow God’s unseen mandate after Babel and goes to different parts of the world. This first exercise in globalization also carried with it the lie that God was evil and may create a flood to kill you at whim. Today’s events and marketing still reflect the phenomenon of global migration. This clash of cultures allows Christians in the market place to present God as a good nature soul that He is, many still do not see God as good. At every point in history the church is called to embrace and speak to those caught in the tidal wave of globalization, particularly forced migration.  Interaction in the market place, helping the poor and the stranger among us as defined by Leviticus 19:34 are all positive aspects to sharing faith. (The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt; I am the LORD your God.) Simple acts of kindness and personal relationships are still powerful ways to share Christian love.

A negative part of Global migration is that the strangers among us may have no intention of becoming one of us but have arrived to subvert society as it is known. If that is the case then to practice hospitality as defined by Leviticus and Romans 12:13 would be a display of foolishness. (contributing to the needs of the saints, practicing hospitality.)

Many fear globalization because the anti-christ may use global connectivity to control all men.  It is too soon to tell and language barriers can be assimilated so keep your eyes open.  God definitely wants to use globalization so a delegation from every tribe, tongue and nation will arrive to sing a song to the Lord saying, “Worthy is the Lamb” as defined in Rev.5:9. Revelation, Philippians, Romans and many other books refer to all peoples knowing our global God and worshiping Him.

If immigrants are here to subvert American culture then the most patriotic thing to do is share the gospel. A revival of traditional Christian values is the most effective tool to fight demoralization. Moral societies do not crumble from immigration; they give them a job and make a few bucks. Speaking about making a few bucks, click on the link and buy my book.


Lessons From Antigua

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