Join with me in an American Traditional.

A traditional prayer.

Our Gracious Father God,

Today we honor the millions of families joined together by a commitment to the military.

Many of them have lost loved ones; sons and daughters, mothers and fathers,sisters and brothers, moms and dads. Their loss is felt and their sacred memory is now ours.

Father, thank You, for these men and women who have answered the call to the military and for all those who watch over your people.

Thank you Lord for demonstrating what no greater love means and thank You for the freedom we enjoy because of those who have given their life.

Thank you also for the comfort in your living word and assurance that those who mourn would find comfort.

We ask that those who mourn would be drawn to and find comfort in your words.

We also ask that your Holy Spirit would lift up those who see tomorrow as a painful reminder of their loss. Help them to find joy, peace and a renewed vision.

Give strength to those who are standing in harm’s way wearing a uniform of freedom.  Help them to feel your Grace and protection.

Give our leaders wisdom so that peace may be in Israel and cause a fresh wave of Righteousness to flow over our Republic.

Help us Lord and guide us as veterans to comfort those who have lost family members and help us to cherish and handle with care the freedom they held so dear.

Help us to live our lives with honor as we realize that in Christ we live and move in this earth as sons and daughters of God.


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