I am good…Why should I read the Bible?

Why read the Bible?

Speaking or reading the sacred text of the Bible is like observing a sacrament because contained in scripture is the presence of the living God.


Read the Bible and allow the living word to speak to your present situation.

You will find it can and will speak to your heart, calm your fears and bring assurance.

Start where you are comfortable.

Maybe take a refreshing stroll through the book of Psalms. Or acquire the wisdom of the wisest sages in Proverbs one verse at a time. You can learn the secrets of success from Joshua, Daniel, and Job, yes Job ended up alright.

Read how men who struggled with their passions got their prayers answered, did impossible things and fulfilled their place in history as men of faith.

And best of all, discover how the Creator can and will come to live in the present tense of your life.

Read the different perspectives in the Gospels and see how the historical Jesus becomes the living Lord God and Savior.

That is a lot of reading you might say and i am busy with my phone most of the day so why should I read the Bible?

Well, you are not fully educated until you have and you can download the free application. https://www.bible.com/app

But beyond the knowledge acquired by reading is the experience that can be gained.

An experience with the living God.

The whole Bible was written so God could experience your love and you could experience His. In fact, all of the Bible points to experiencing God.

That is worth reading about.

For a free Bible app. click this link. https://www.bible.com/app

For work place wisdom click this link. http://www.amazon.com/dp/1490855211

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