wop pee da de da. All you need is LOVE

The relationship between Christian beliefs and actions should mimic God’s actions and His nature as love. John writes in his Epistle that God is Love and God’s love is perfected in us. God’s character, actions come out of God as “not having love” but rather “being love.” Saying that God is love “describes the divine Fountain from which the river of divine love flows,” Saint Augustine.  This “eternal love” is found not with physical eyes but with the heart.   Saint Augustine says, “not with the eye but with the heart must He be sought.” The process of seeing God with the eye of the heart involves the “transformation of the whole person to be like God.” This unique eternal process of becoming like God is started by God’s love. It is not dependent on any factors outside of God. God is the first to show love in creation, His word, at Calvary and in Pentecost. God does not initially react to our love, we react to His. God is the first to love us and His love creates what is pleasing to God, more love.  God’s demonstrates his character through Christ’s atoning sacrifice.  It is at Calvary where we see unmeasurable love, unconditional love, a love for all humanity and forgiving love.  The goal of God’s love is “mutual indwelling,” Him living in us and us living in Him, creating communion of human beings with God and loving communion of humans with other humans.  Remaining in this love will produce a confident lifestyle free from fear and judgment.  When God gives love He gives Himself and when God’s presence lives in us we will demonstrate His presence by love for our neighbor.  Any act of love is ultimately an act of God. Jesus demonstrates God’s character by healing, feeding, loving, helping the destitute and giving His life.  God will never be confined to a cage where His love is concerned and maybe above all else it is “freely given.” How do we respond? We choose to say yes. We choose to freely give and follow love in our thoughts, beliefs and actions and when we do, God, who is a Spirit, is seen through our hands, feet, ears, eyes, life.

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