Its Easter and I don’t care.

I can’t or maybe won’t run to church anymore. I don’t fit in and never have.

I don’t trust religion and church folk anyway.

I think they lie to get money.

But somehow I am interested in Jesus, have a love for God and wish to experience His love.

How do I experience God when I no longer trust church or Christians?

This may be the question of the age and today is Easter so newness of life can be applies to many things.

Words can be the answer.

If you ever watch the sun come up, you may get an inspiring feeling because of the greatness of this daily event. If you ever have lost a loved one through death and have unanswered questions you may understand how peter and john felt while racing to the tomb Easter morning. The women had already been there and were met by an angel, then Jesus who was helping with the gardening. Peter, a known sinner, someone I can relate to, was racing headlong to face guards that were stationed at the tomb. I would imagine he had several scenarios on how he was going to dispose of them playing in his head. He forgot his sword so was at a slight disadvantage. He would ambush with overwhelming force as they were blocking the entrance to where Jesus was entombed and where was John when you needed him? Faster and faster he raced. His heart was pounding. His aggression was calmed when he arrived and found the guards had deserted their post. He took a deep breath and enters the tomb finding an angel standing watch. The angel passes a word, a message that would change Peter’s world, “Jesus is not here. He is risen.”  This is hard to understand even if you are talking to an angel. Peter turned and walked out of the cave, wondering what was true and what was imagined? John arrives. They both saw Jesus die and helped roll the stone over the grave.  Peter walked with and loved this Jesus, this prophet. He started to trust Him and heard Him tell about his death, yet still could not understand what had just happened. He had neglected business to follow Jesus. Was it worth it? There were so many events that seemed to be connected to words he had heard and yet the facts proved otherwise. Thoughts were racing now. He was still grieving over losing His friend and new found love for scripture. It was hard to comprehend he had lost this friend but felt somehow was gaining him back. WHERE WAS THE BODY? It was too dangerous to go look and who could be trusted anymore? Definitely not the church leaders. He had a business to run so thought about the docks. The boats would be coming in soon. He could go back to working long hours.

Peter needed to make a choice to understand with his heart as his mind and heart held conflict.

We cannot run to the tomb like peter did as recorded in Luke the 24th chapter. We may not even want to run to church anymore but there is one place we can run to that does not change.

We have an advantage peter did not have.

We have the words written down so we could know and understand We can run to and experience Jesus in the Bible. The Bible has the ability to come alive as a living word because it is the living word. Run to the Bible this Easter and as you pick it up or access it on line make a choice. It is to your advantage to decide, to choose, that as you read you would “hear with your heart and understand.”

When you decide to understand, it will be like the sun coming up on your soul.  This choice, to understand, can be a new day experience.

Christ can always be experienced through His trusted word because He is the living word.

Read the Bible with intention of hearing and understanding and you will.

Peter and John ran to the tomb yet still did not understand events until faced with the choice to understand. We can run to the Bible and have a Holy experience when we choose to understand. It says right on the front, “Holy Bible.” Read the Holy Bible with intention of finding something good to do, then do it.

Read with intention of understanding love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, eternal life and your eyes will wonder if it is too good to be true. It is true, good and something to be experienced.

Choose and the heart will understand because the Bible, when taken to heart, like a seed, has the ability to grow into something wonderful.Your heart will become like good ground ready for spring time seeds.

Read the Gospels with intention of getting to know Jesus, as the Savior, and you will understand love beyond what thought possible.

My prayer today, on Easter is, you would find your bible, read it and experience Jesus in and as the living word. Run to the Bible for a life changing experience this Easter. Run to Jesus, you will not have to look for Him. You will find Him standing right beside you, waiting.

Going to church is good to…

Hoppy Easter!

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