Transformation Intentions

Jesus Christ is the process of transformation because without Him we will do nothing. How do we clear that up? That requires more than mom and dad’s sermons and good social action. It requires discipleship of the inner and outward man. The idea that sitting at the Master’s feet is greater than holding His presence in the heart has lopsided Christianity. Spirituality is defined as a works program and many can and will show “faith by works.” Great! Works are necessary and a big part of changing our world. Works are not an indicator of the true intention or condition of the soul. The mind loves preaching and many churches rely solely on preaching for the perfection of the saints. This provides opportunity to “be a Christian forever without becoming a disciple.” The will is engaged in faithful church attendance but stays away from the deep where the inner monsters are. There is no vision for anything different or directions to get to the place where Christ is reflected through the complexities of the human will. You can not lead where you have not gone and time does not allow the pursuit of a Benedictine or Franciscan tradition. The map is not clear on transformation because many ministers cannot define the parts of the soul let alone encourage true intentions for transformation. However, if the intention is to become Christ like all of creation will work for that end with the method mapped and defined by the Holy Spirit.

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