Faith verses science

Faith and science is the new functional faith. Is it? Faith and science both require faith in the unseen. The contradictory theories of evolution and acceptance of Adam’s macro-evolution is by faith both requiring more revelation or facts and it may hinge on what is defined as science. The fallen nature of science is the language of this generation so education lawfully accepts expertly designed graphics instead of facts. Merging the functional processes of Genesis and the creation of Adam with evolution could reveal fatal flaws when facts are considered. Micro-evaluation, evaluation, should be applied to all theories. Some theories are indeed scientific and some in the category of religion. Most theories provide no observable facts only belief in lights, bangs, mud soup or chemical formations billions of years old. Faith claims are unseen and understood within the realm of one’s experience. There is no Newtonian formula for faith or what it is placed in, maybe a quantum formula un-realized by an un-believing observer. The scientific method is best instead of the science of blind faith. True science, never at odds with the historical roots of faith as recorded in Genesis might need to add the time factor of a billion years so biology studies can catch up. They have not discovered everything yet.  Before we rethink or discount Genesis and Christianity, maybe we need to define true science verses faith based science so that facts or beliefs can point to or away from Adams origin or creation? Jesus refereed to Adam over 20 times. My un-changeable experience of Jesus make it easy for me to have faith in the account of Genesis. Science is still evolving.

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