Colonel Peterson would say,…

Businesses strive to present a perfect product
in an imperfect world while working with imperfect people.
My good friend Colonel Carl Peterson, MD, used to say, “You can’t
fix everything all at once, but we can get a little bit better every day.”
Colonel—that was his rank—was a psychiatrist, and he was talking
about getting better emotionally. It’s the same way with physical things
on the job as you take ownership for your work. When you look at any
work process objectively, without being overly critical, it’s possible to
find some way to make it better. Everyone is on a different path when
it comes to learning. Some learn by seeing or hearing the information,
others by training their bodies. It’s important to allow space for growth.
If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing wrong until you get it
right, but you have to step back, look at what’s wrong, and then fix it.
When you see what’s wrong and learn from the mistake, you get “abee
little bit better every day.” This is not license for mistakes; it’s a license
for growth.
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